How it all began

About meMad Titan Comics is run by me Alexis, a long time comic book collector. My love for Comic books started when I was 5-6 years old and it has grown ever since. At the beginning I was only reading German books but then, in the year 1990, I discovered the US originals.


Since then I passionately collected US Comics and tried to accumulate knowledge about collecting as much as possible. In 1997 I started to sell books at small conventions in Austria. At first, it was just for fun but then the amount grew as I started to buy more and more collections until finally there was no more room left in my appartement.


When the market changed for the better in Austria, I considered selling comic books for a living. There is no other store in Austria that offers vintage US Comic books and I wanted to change that. Collectors in Austria and other countries appreciate my knowledge about the US Market and my grading skills, my fair prices and my honesty.


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